Standard Training Rates
Single 1 hour session: $85

8-1 hour sessions:       $75/hour
16-1 hour sessions:     $70/hour
24-1 hour session:       $65/hour

 Semi-private session (workout with a friend/spouse): $100/hour or $50/person.  
 Nopackage discounts available for semi-private sessions
*Alternative payment plans can be discussed based on client needs and resources.  
  Please contact for details.  

*Additional surcharges may apply based on location.  

What to Expect 

  • Free first session to include:                                                                                                                                              -       -          - review of client medical history 
              - discussion of exercise history
              - examine the space to assess tools and modalities to be used for training
              - discussion of client training goals 
              - fitness testing and assessment
  • Fitness assessment may include the following based on client goals​​/needs
              - BMI calcuation (height and weight)
              - circumference measuremets
              - FMS screening
              - movement analysis 
              - strength testing
              - range of motion and flexibility testing
              - cardiovascular fitness tests
              - balance tests and fall risk assessment 
  • Personalized program will be designed based on findings of the assessment and client goals, and will be implemented in future sessions
  • Frequency and number of sessions will be determined based on clients needs, desires and limitations 
  • Regular communication with medical professionals as desired by client to include primary care physician, physical therapist, chiropractor, etc.