Customer Testimonials

​​​​​​​​​​"The sessions were catered to my age (78), and they were polite, challenging, and on target for my orthopedic condition. I am not free of back pain by strengthening core muscles.  She has a wonderful manner, and I would recommend her for any age." 
Client profile: 78 yr/old male, goals include transitioning from rehab, reduce pain from spinal stenosis, improve general health and fitness

"Emily has done an amazing job tailoring the session to fit what I'm looking for.  I appreciate that she checks in with me even when we aren't able to meet for a month or so.  The personal touches make all the difference."
Client profile: 36 yr/old female, goals include weight loss and weight loss management, and be more fit and toned

"Emily gave me the confidence to start strength training again without fear of further injury. She listened, tailored a plan for my specific needs, and was always encouraging. The variety of exercises keeps it interesting - working out never feels like a chore".
Client Profile:  44yr/old female, goals include injury prevention, build strength, tone and weight loss, find new ways to exercise

"It continues to be interesting.  I do not experience the boredom I have when doing exercises in the past.  Also, Emily is excellent at tailoring sessions to be manageable but challenging at the same time.  I can see progress.   I have more energy and I am stronger.  Both of these things have improved the quality of my life". 
Client profile: 38 yr/old female, goals include increasing energy and alertness, and have better cardiovascular health

"Emily understands my medical condition/physical limitations and challenges me without fear of injury."
Client profile: 51yr/old female, goals include improving enegy, feel healthier, and get into more regular exercise routine

"Emily is great to work with!  She is easy to talk to and focused on my interests. I have had many trainers and her 'homework' plans are the best.  She is dedicated to helping you find what works for you to achieve your goals".
Client profile: 32 yr/old female, goals include improving strength, and improving muscle tone

"Emily is a great trainer.  She helps you reach your maximum potential without being too pushy.  I liked the various circuits she created specificaly for me and it was nice to have someone hold me accountable for exercising".
Client profile: 35 yr/old female, goals include increasing consistency with exercise for better general health, to find an exercise routine to perform independently

"I loved everything about my training sessions with Emily.  I feels strong, my endurance level is beyond where I ever thought it could go and my confidence is back.  I could not be happier. Emily really listened to my goals and concerns on the first day that we met.  I loved the variety of workouts and really understanding how to do them properly, it's given me the confidence to do them by myself". 
Client profile: 28 yr/old female, goals include feeling comfortable in her own skin, lose inches (tighten and tone) and learn proper mechanics for working out