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Emily Ralph, PT, DPT, CSCS, CSPS
10 years experience with orthopedic and sports injuries as physical therapist
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About Fit To Move
Fit to move is a private in-home personal training service developed by Emily Ralph, PT, DPT, CSCS, CSPS in Chicago, IL.  It was developed on the premise of a few life lessons that apply to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Those lessons are “an object in motion remains in motion” and “move it or lose it”.  It is imperative for people to keep moving, and continually strive to move better,  move stronger, and move more to ensure the ability to continue engaging in the activities that you enjoy with confidence. 
 Proper strength, endurance, flexibility, and stability are necessary to ensure the muscles and joints are moving safely and efficiently, without undue stress.  One-dimensional training (i.e. only running, only cycling, only machines) does not take into account the very multi-dimensional movement capabilities of the body.  As a physical therapist for 10 years, I witnessed first hand what can happen when the body is trained improperly, or not fully rehabilitated from prior injury.  Fit To Move takes a whole body approach to training, incorporating a strong core component, to teach the body to recognize functional movements that occur regularly on a daily basis, making not only day to day activities easier, but sports and recreation as well.    
As a physical therapist, I realized that many people would complete physical therapy, but would not yet have returned to their full prior functional level.  Many did not seem confident that they would ever be able to do so without some direction of how to progress from rehabilitation to their desired activity, and/or begin working to lose the weight they had gained while their activity was limited.  This is how Fit To Move started.   Whether your goals are to lose  weight, improve your strength/fitness, or have a specific activity goals like hiking a 15 (or 3) mile trail, run a 5k, play a pick up game of flag football or volleyball,  join an impromptu dance party (my personal favorite), or crawl on the floor to play with your kids (or pets), you should feel confident in your body’s ability to accomplish these goals.   When the body is moving properly, and continually reminded of it’s abilities with regular exercise and training, it becomes a fine-tuned machine and is capable of amazing things.
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